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As you digitize your customer service, the calls you get to the contact center will be people who are really frustrated. The only way to serve the people who take their time to call in will be with the most intuitive tools.
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Get answers to customers faster, get Coral Active

We created functionality previously thought to be impossible to empower agents to be more efficient when they process a call — everything they ever wanted is right at their fingertips.

The level of insights and intelligence available through Coral Active can improve agents satisfaction dynamically so you can go from, “in my entire 12-15 years that I have been managing agents on a call center, I have never come in during a strategic changeover without agents coming in and complaining that they would miss their KPIs and SLAs” to agents telling you, literally, “I love it, what did you do?”

We know that KPIs and SLAs are your daily measurement of performance - Coral Active can help you improve NPS, and cut down turnover. This is how your operations are improved and you have more time to serve customers.

In this section, we’ve included additional resources to learn more about the impact of Coral Active Desktop on your business.